Alliance Francaise De Melbourne
The Language School

Alliance Française have grown by 380% using the Synergy 8 platform.

Alliance Francaise De Melbourne is a French language and cultural centre. They are part of a network of almost 800 centres with a mission of spreading French culture worldwide.

Like many Alliance Francaise centres, Alliance Francaise De Melbourne uses Synergy 8 to manage their customer relationships and digital marketing efforts. Mathieu Vendeville is a graphic designer who has been using Synergy 8 for the last 7 years.

Mathieu loved the ability to bring his designs to life with the user-friendly website builder. His work has helped grow Alliance Francaise De Melbourne to one of the biggest language centres worldwide.

“When we started using Synergy 8 we were sending our marketing campaigns to around 700 people.” Mathieu says. “These days we’re reaching about 27,000 people. Synergy 8’s been helping us to grow much, much faster and it just keeps on going. It’s amazing.”

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