The Complete Digital Marketing Platform

To be successful online you need your website, customer data and digital marketing tools to work together seamlessly.

That's what Synergy 8 is all about.

Synergy 8 is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that provides the features you need to run a professional website, communicate with your customers, and sell online.

Pricing starts at just $49 per month.


Integrate with other applications to help target your marketing campaigns, and view a complete overview of your contacts.

" Our clients have seen a lot of success with Synergy 8. We have total control of our website, and it's easy to share content. Migrating from WordPress was a nice, easy transition. "

Rob King, Integration Kings

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Latest News

Dropping Dashboard Support for Internet Explorer

29 May 2019

Today’s web environment is moving faster than ever, with increasingly efficient API’s and browser capabilities being released every day. Modern web software requires modern browsers, and in order to keep pushing our ability to innovate, we have decided that today, Synergy 8 is saying goodbye to website editing in Internet Explorer (IE11).

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