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Maree can run her business from anywhere in the world.


iFindProperty is a property buying group that operates all over New Zealand. Maree Tassel founded the business when she wanted a better work-life-balance. She wanted to create a fully cloud-based business that she could run from anywhere in the world, and invest as little or as much time as she wanted on any given week.

By using Synergy 8 to run her marketing strategy, Maree has total control over her digital presence, all in a single login and with a single monthly subscription. And by having everything in the one place, she can always find the information she needs to constantly improve her campaigns. 

“Am I in the property business? Well no, I’m actually in the relationship business” Maria says. “And with Synergy 8 you can use the information you’re getting to help build those relationships, that’s what I like about it.”

Maree believes Synergy 8 has given her a big advantage over her competitors for that reason. “By having that much more information about our customers we’re really able to meet their needs better than our competition can”

If you’ve been wondering how Synergy 8 can help you grow your business click the button below to book a walkthrough with one of our consultants.

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