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Rob recommends Synergy 8 to all consulting clients.


For years, Rob King worked as an accountant, learning the ins and outs of hundreds of businesses. In that time he stumbled across a common theme. Most businesses were devoting countless hours of labour to tasks that could easily be done by software applications.

Rob made the decision to start his own consulting firm. Integration Kings has built a reputation on their ability to save businesses significant amounts of time and money by automating the mundane and monotonous parts of the business and getting the most out of a client's application stack.

When Rob started researching Synergy 8 he quickly found that the all-in-one marketing platform approach would be a major asset to his clients. Many of whom were spending large amounts of time importing and exporting data between different web and marketing applications, and they didn’t have the tools to create the powerful campaigns they really wanted.

“We instantly understood the importance of having a platform where the different tools are integrated right out of the box. We implemented it in our own business and immediately saw how much time we saved by having all of our marketing tools working together seamlessly in one place.”

Rob now recommends Synergy 8 to all his clients. He often finds that many small and medium businesses know exactly how they want to promote their products and services, but the frustration of trying to use a lot of subpar tools often gets in the way before a campaign even gets off the ground. “By recommending Synergy 8 we’re able to remove that frustration for a lot of clients and it’s great to see them grow from that point on.”

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