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Adobe recently announced the End Of Life for their Business Catalyst service. Judging by the number of calls and emails we received in the 24 hours following, the announcement has come as a shock to a lot of Business Catalyst clients and partners.

Adobe recently announced the End of Life for their Business Catalyst product. More than 77,000 customers will need to find an alternative website platform by March 26th 2020 2021.

For those of you faced with the tough decision of how to proceed, and wondering which Business Catalyst alternative will fit your needs, we've created some tables below that compare Adobe Business Catalyst Platinum with Synergy 8.

You can also download these as a PDF here (no e-mail signup required): S8-VS-BC.pdf

Adobe Business Catalyst Alternative

Business Catalyst Site

Business Catalyst CMS Alternative

Business Catalyst Blog Alternative

Business Catalyst CRM Alternative

Business Catalyst Ecommerce Alternative

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In 2018, we helped Adobe BC Partners successfully migrate hundreds of websites to Synergy 8. Their clients are excited about their new digital platform, with plenty of new features and tools to explore. Become a Synergy 8 Reseller.

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Scott McNaught

We're excited to announce that January 1st, 2020 will mark the official rebirth of our brand. After a decade operating under the banner of Synergy 8, we are becoming Oncord. 

This article explains what the new name means to us, how we got to it, and why we decided to change the name in the first place. We'll also talk about what the change means for you.

Today’s web environment is moving faster than ever, with increasingly efficient API’s and browser capabilities being released every day. Modern web software requires modern browsers, and in order to keep pushing our ability to innovate, we have decided that today, Synergy 8 is saying goodbye to website editing in Internet Explorer (IE11).

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