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<ss:forms:codeeditor />

Creates a Code Mirror widget for editing and displaying syntax highlighted source code.


If true, this control will attempt to focus itself after the page has loaded. Note that only one element may be focused on the page at a time. Default = false.
Sets whether the font is fixed width
Sets the height of the element. The default units are pixels. include the percentage symbol % to user percentage values.
(Required) Most form items need a unique id so that they can submit data to the server. No two form items may have the same id. For situations where multiple form items submit to the same field, see the name attribute. Id's that begin with contact_ will automatically save Contact information to the Contact database as long as the user has entered enough identifying information (ideally Name and Email). Check the Contact Fields page for correct field names.
The language of code to syntax highlight
Sets the name of the form item. Most of the time, the id attribute will suffice. However with form items that post multiple values into an array, each item will need to have the same name, followed by []. For example three controls with name="data[]", will all post into 'data'. Radio buttons belonging to the same group will have to share the same name.
This disables editing of the editor content by the user.

If the special value "nocursor" is given (instead of simply true), focusing of the editor is also disallowed.
Sets the width of the element. The default units are pixels. include the percentage symbol % to user percentage values.


Code Editor Example

Demonstrates how the code editor works

XML Code:

Run Example