Easily build and update your website.


Create and maintain website content through the use of an intuitive, easy to use page editor.

Editing a page on your website is similar to editing a word processing document. Page content is presented just as it appears on the website, rather than in an un-styled white box.

Edit content in an intuitive, stable environment

What you see is 100% what you get

Don't settle for editing in a 'white box' with un-styled headings and content. Enjoy creating your content exactly as it appears on your website. The Synergy 8 editor displays your content in the context of your website or email template so you can see exactly how text flows on the page. This eliminates the need for guessing or flicking between pages to see your latest changes.

Edit content in an intuitive, stable environment

Easy to use, stable editor

Many content management systems use re-branded ‘prebuilt editors’ which are not entirely suited for the purpose of the system. Synergy 8 has a custom built editor which makes it easier to use, more powerful, and more stable than the rest.

Edit content in an intuitive, stable environment

Drag and drop multimedia

Keep multimedia on your site organized through the "Attached Media" sidebar and upload directly from your desktop. Simply drag and drop your media into position on the page. This works for all types of media including images, video, audio, documents, PDFs and more. Further, video and audio can be dragged to be embedded in a player. Third party integration also allows you use services like Issuu to embed documents in a 'flip book' reader.

Edit content in an intuitive, stable environment

Create secure areas

Easilly create secure zones of protected content which are only accessible to certain users. Offer an exclusive 'Premium Content' service where members are only able to access information if they belong to a certain group, or create a 'Staff Portal' page which can only by viewed by staff members. Grow your membership database by specifying that content is only available to registered members in your database, and give the option for them to provide their details.

Edit content in an intuitive, stable environment

Search engine optimized

Synergy 8 rewards your quality content, resulting in a higher ranking on the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. High search engine rankings gives you more traffic to your site which leads to more conversions and sales. Enjoy technical features such as search engine friendly URLs, automated sitemap.xml generation, robots.txt ; All out of the box without any configuration. Synergy 8 also allows easy alteration of meta information for each page, in addition to child pages 'inheriting' this data through your website's page hierarchy.

Edit content in an intuitive, stable environment

Statistics and analytics

Use Synergy 8's built in analytics to continualy monitor your website's performance. Feel in control by knowing who is visiting your webiste, and which pages they are viewing. Synergy 8 can display a list of members who are currently visiting your website and viewing your emails, or display general recent activity. This ability to monitor live activity will help you get a better feel for what marketing techniques are working for your business.