Hosting A Sub-Site

A sub-site allows you to add a satellite website to your account, which is accessed via a separate domain. 

A sub-site must be owned by the same company as your main website. 

Hosting a sub-site costs an additional  $9.00 AUD per month.

Sub-sites are different to sub-domains.

Sub-site vs. Separate Accounts

Before you setup a sub-site, consider the points below to decide whether your site should be a sub-site, or a separate new account. 

1. Sub-sites should only ever be "satellite" offerings, like products or services offered by the primary brand. It should represent the same company.

2. Sub-sites share a contact and sales database with your primary website.

3. The shopping cart, payment process, unsubscribe page, product catalogue and all other non-editable system pages need to run from the primary website domain.

4. Separating sub-sites from a main account in the future is quite difficult, and a manual process. It's not a good idea to setup a sub-site for a business entity that will need to be separated out at some point (eg. as part of a business sale). 

To host a Sub-site

1. Login to the dashboard, and click the "Settings" icon located at the bottom of the the left sidebar (pictured below).

2. Navigate to Domains > Park Registered Domain 3. Enter the domain name, select the option "Host a sub-site" as the Domain Mode and click "Park Domain" to submit. 4. At the place you registered your domain name, enter these addresses as the name servers: