With this redesign we've made it easier than ever to edit your website using Synergy 8.

We've spent three years building a completely new editing platform and it goes live next week!

Watch our video announcement to find out more, or read about the main benefits below. 

There's a whole new User Interface, with enhanced Drag & Drop

We wanted it to make it easier for you to edit your site, so we made the entire interface more intuitive. One example is that you can now add content to your site simply by searching for it in the side bar, selecting the thumbnail of the content you want, and dragging it onto the page!

Adding a video to a page in one single motion

We now have Cognitive Spelling & Grammar Checking

Until now putting written content on your site required two pieces of software and two steps:

  • Create the content in an application like MS Word to identify any spelling & grammatical errors
  • Copy & paste the content into the Synergy 8 platform

But with our new editor uou can write content straight onto your page and any spelling or grammatical errors will be identified as you type!

Spelling and grammar correction in action

You can edit Rows, Columns and Templates with Drag & Drop too

We wanted you to be able to change the layout of your pages to fit with new content without our help.
So you can now select an element from the side menu, drag it onto the page, and add content straight into the new layout you've created! We've also added new templates with more coming soon.

Adjusting the layout and padding in a matter of seconds

For the technical users: We now have live, syncronised, multi-user source code editing 

We wanted you to be able to see rendered output of your code as you are changing it, removing the need to switch between your browser and editor. We also wanted to make it possible for multiple people to edit the same page at the same time, a bit like a Gooogle Doc.

With our new editor your whole team can be working on the same page at the same time and any changes you make to the page code are immediately visible on the page itself! It works both ways too, so when you drag and drop templates and components into your page, the code for those components becomes visible in the source!

Changes to the source code appearing live

Thanks for your support

We've been working tirelessly on our product to make sure we're delivering the best experience we can for you, but without your support it never would have been possible.

So a big thank you to Synergy 8 customers for believing in us.  Wecan't wait to see how the new editor helps you improve your businesses.

We couldn't have done it without you!

All the best,

The Team at Synergy 8

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Today’s web environment is moving faster than ever, with increasingly efficient API’s and browser capabilities being released every day. Modern web software requires modern browsers, and in order to keep pushing our ability to innovate, we have decided that today, Synergy 8 is saying goodbye to website editing in Internet Explorer (IE11).

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