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Synchronise your contacts, sales and product data seamlessly between your website, digital marketing and MYOB AccountRight Live. A free integration between Synergy 8 and MYOB AccountRight Live is now available.

New Integration: MYOB Accountright Live

New Integration: MYOB AccountRight Live

We're pleased to announce the release of an integration between MYOB AccountRight Live and Synergy 8. The integration will allow you to synchronize contact, sales and product data  seamlessly between your website and MYOB, and send e-mail marketing campaigns based on information stored in AccountRight Live.

Free Integration - The MYOB AccountRight Live integration is available with the Complete or Commerce pricing plans.

Integration Benefits

  • Keep contact data synchronised between AccountRight Live, your website and digital marketing.
  • Send e-mail marketing & SMS messages to AccountRight live contacts.
  • Synchronize Sales Invoices.
  • Get better visibility of your customers with a more comprehensive activity feed.

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Click here to view the MYOB add-on Centre.

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