Merry Christmas from Synergy 8

Merry Christmas from Synergy 8

A big thank you to all our loyal customers and partners, from the team at Synergy 8

As Scott mentioned in the video above, it's been such a big year for us. We've released numerous new marketing features, improved and bolstered our security, invested in an intuitive new web editing environment and started some very exciting new projects which will be announced early next year.

Throughout the year we've had an overwhelming amount of referrals from our fantastic customer base, and exciting new partnerships are beginning to form within the web and marketing community as well.

I'm sure that 2016 will be one of the biggest years in our company history, and I'm really excited to bring you along on the journey with us.

Can't wait to speak with you all in the new year about your marketing plans for 2016, enjoy the time off!

Alex Cumberland - Operations Manager, Synergy 8


The Author - Alex Cumberland

Alex's extensive experience with digital carries through both implementation and strategy, so he's perfectly placed to provide insights that drive online success.

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