Learn to demo Synergy 8 to your clients, get acquainted with the new design generator and rapid prototyping tools, and start building solutions powered by Synergy 8.

Free Reseller Training

This event has finished, however all sessions were recorded and are available below.

To celebrate the launch of our new design generator and rapid prototyping tools, we're running a free training series throughout March. It's an excellent opportunity to meet the new tools, and to catch up with our team. 

We'll commence the coaching series with a sales demo to get you introduced to Synergy 8 and re-acquainted with the platform.

Next we'll dive into a practical example with a simple brochure website for a local plumber. You'll be provided with a project brief and a logo, so that you can follow along as we build the site.

The Synergy 8 UI Controls and API reference will be de-mystified in the third session, to help unlock the development power and potential of Synergy 8. 

Lastly we'll walk through what's possible with Synergy 8 forms, and show you how to use advanced techniques such as ajax.

We're excited to equip you with more tools, and meet some new faces.

See you there!

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Synergy 8 Sales Demo & Walkthrough
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Setup a Professional Website for a Local Plumber
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Intro to Synergy 8 Controls (HTML / CSS)
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Web Form Development (HTML / CSS)
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We are actively looking for talented website developers, designers and digital agencies to use Synergy 8 as the platform for their client's website projects. 

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The Author
Alex Cumberland

Today’s web environment is moving faster than ever, with increasingly efficient API’s and browser capabilities being released every day. Modern web software requires modern browsers, and in order to keep pushing our ability to innovate, we have decided that today, Synergy 8 is saying goodbye to website editing in Internet Explorer (IE11).

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