Exploring The Social Networking Feature

Exploring The Social Networking Feature

Exploring The Social Networking Feature

To reduce the time spent posting to social media, we've added a social networking tool to the Synergy 8 dashboard. This tool brings together an overview of all your social networks, and allows you to post to one, or multiple networks from one page.

Getting Started

In order to take advantage of Social Networking on Synergy 8, you'll need to have access to the Communication features included in the Complete or Communication pricing plans.

Get started by visiting the following page of your dashboard:
Dashboard > Communication > Social Networking

A wizard will guide you through the process of adding each of your social networks to your dashboard. To make the adding process as smooth as possible and reduce the amount of flicking between windows, it's a good idea to login to your social network in another tab before adding it to your dashboard.

The Social Networking Page

The social networking page will give an overview of your newly added social networks, and allow you to post straight from the dashboard.


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