An integration between Cliniko practice management software and Synergy 8 will be launching soon. It's the perfect pair for healthcare practitioners to grow and manage their practice.

Cliniko Integration Launching Soon

We're excited to announce the latest addition to our app integration library: An integration with Cliniko Practice Management Software.

Healthcare practitioners are perfect candidates for our offering of a secure, professionally presented website and digital marketing presence. Combine our offering with Cliniko practice management software, and you have a perfect pair of platforms that not only help grow and better manage practices, but also allow them to provide a much better digital experience for their clients

Who Will Use This Integration?

Cliniko is particularly popular with Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Psychologists, Naturopaths and Massage Therapists.

This solution is also certainly worthwhile investigating if your business runs fitness, yoga, or pilates classes, or anything where more than one person attends an appointment.

Cliniko Features

Cliniko's calender makes it easy to manage your schedule and appointments. Book group classes with any number of attendees across multiple locations, manage waitlists, and set appointment reminders via e-mail and SMS.

Online Bookings
Cliniko online bookings are totally compatible with Synergy 8 powered websites. Embed your booking form on your website, or simply share the link with your customers. View more below:

Treatment Notes & Letters
All treatment notes are stored securely to help you meet your legal requirements. It's super easy to write to patients, doctors and other 3rd parties, without the need of other software. 

Accounts & Billing
Cliniko handles your point of sale and patient accounts, and tracks clinic expenses. Tax time is also made easier with an integration with Xero accounting software, which automatically syncs invoices that are created in Cliniko across to Xero.

The Integration

The integration between Cliniko and Synergy 8 will synchronize contacts with patients stored in Cliniko. If a contact record is changed in either platform, the change will be reflected in both.

Take online bookings with Cliniko's beautiful online booking system, and easily send e-mail newsletters and sms campaigns to all your patients from Synergy 8.

Sensitive data is not synchronized with Synergy 8 (eg. Patient notes).

Next Steps

1. Visit the Cliniko website to start a free 30 day trial:

2. If you're not familiar with Synergy 8, consider booking a demo and we'll chat about whether Synergy 8 is a good fit with your business.

3. If you're a Synergy 8 client who would like to discuss the Cliniko integration, please get in touch

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