5 Tips To Boost Your E-Commerce Effectiveness

5 Tips To Boost Your E-Commerce Effectiveness

5 Tips To Boost Your E-Commerce Effectiveness

If your core business is selling online, you are most likely always on the lookout for ways to tighten the bolts and make your processes easier, quicker and more effective.

We’ve compiled a list of ways that will cut down wasted time, improve efficiency and make the most out of your e-Commerce system.

1. Organisation is key!  
When you are organising your products, it really helps to write out a little mind map before you start uploading them. Uploading products can be a lengthy task and once the product hierarchies are in place if an error comes up you either have to re-do everything from scratch or find work-arounds. Make sure you think ahead and map out your categories, brands and products before you start uploading!

2. Take advantage of segmentation
Segmenting your customer database is crucial for increasing the effectiveness of your digital marketing. The more more specific you can target the marketing, the better your results will be.

3. Taking inventory takes time, but saves hassles
Synergy 8’s inventory system is the best in the market for keeping you up to date on how much stock you have, so long as you take the time to correctly set it all up. You can set alerts that will send you an email once you reach a certain level of remaining stock, which can be really helpful to keep your online store fully stocked and ready to sell! Don’t lose time and sales waiting to re-stock - make sure you know as soon as possible!

4. Make it easier for your clients
Don’t make it hard for your customers to buy things! Lay out your products in an intuitive and easy to find way and don’t add in too many layers between the products page and the point of purchase. If your customers can find the product they want and have placed it all into their cart, make it a quick process when it gets to the checkout phase. Don’t bombard them with requests to sign up to your newsletters or oversell your products on the checkout page. They already want to buy things from you - make it easy for them!

5. Automate everything
Don’t waste your time following up every single purchase with an email or phone call if you don’t have to. Set up a string of autoresponders to send out emails that you would normally send out manually. If you need to follow up for payments, set up simple automation rules through your e-commerce system to send reminders out to your customers if they haven’t paid. You can also upsell by sending out follow-ups to see how your customers are going after they purchased a product and give suggestions on similar products that they may want to buy from you.

If your current website or e-commerce system doesn’t support any of these features, let us know and we can give you a demo on how Synergy 8 can revamp your current e-Commerce strategy.

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