Why Do You Need A Website

We tend to find that most businesses we speak to fall into one of these three categories:

  • “My business REVOLVES around my website”

  • “My business HAS a website”

  • “My business DOESN’T NEED a website”

"My Business REVOLVES Around My Website"

We LOVE businesses whose online marketing strategy revolves around their website, this is where Synergy 8 really shines. Synergy 8 excels in combining all of the facets of online marketing into a single platform, so you can create an online marketing strategy where all arms help build each other up.

"My Business HAS A Website"

Most businesses fall into the “My business HAS a website” category, though many haven’t considered or aren’t fully taking advantage of the ‘Why?’. A lot of businesses have built a website because they were told that they needed one, and never thought more deeply into why they did.

It is best to think of your website as an ongoing marketing campaign. The campaign needs a clear objective, efficiency tracking and scheduled reviews to make sure everything is reaching a positive ROI. We will cover this more in depth in the ‘What’ section, but if you need help understanding why your website is so important, we would recommend giving us a call to see if we can review your current situation.

"My Business DOESN'T NEED A Website"

The final group we see businesses fall into are the “My business DOESN’T NEED a website” category. We usually find that trades, small shops, cafes etc. feel that because most of their business comes from word of mouth or from people walking past their storefront they don’t need a website. Whilst this might work for some of them, it can only get your business so far. People are far more compelled to Google a product or service rather than looking around their local area for the solution. When we all have the answers to any question at our fingertips, why wouldn't you want your business to be part of that list?

All of these groups could greatly benefit from regular and thorough online marketing strategy reviews, or at the very least, a website that helps to generate leads and to fulfil its objective. As long as you have a firm understanding on ‘Why’ you need a website, you can review its effectiveness and assess whether you need to take steps to increase or decrease the resources going towards it.

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