How Much Will It Cost?

We are reaching the end of this series and we have saved the most danced around topic of them all until last - “How much does this all cost?”

We will preface this section by once again saying every website is different and some requirements take longer to implement than others, so don’t be surprised if you request a quote and it comes back significantly higher than you were expecting. Just make sure you gather a few different quotes and compare the price next to the services offered and make sure you are making the right choice for your business.

Low-budget ($500-$2000)

The cheapest way to get a website built is to go through a do-it-yourself website builder like Wix or Squarespace. These usually have an upfront cost plus ~$20-50/m and give you a drag and drop template to create your own website. This option will take a lot more time than you expect to get things up and running, however, so be aware that you are trading your time for money. It is also important to note that unless you are web-savvy the whole process can be very intimidating and the end product may be something far from what you imagined in the beginning.

Mid-Budget ($2000-$5000)

This is the budget range where most websites that involve a web designer and developer fit into. The introduction of the low range of DIY website builders has reduced the perceived value of web designer and developers, but don’t let that fool you. If you don’t know how to build a house, you hire a builder to do it for you. Web design and development is the same. You will end up with a much better product and you will have a professional to advise and guide you along the way.

High Budget ($5000 - $20000+)

High budget websites are for those that really want to stand out and have a lot of custom functionality in-built. Websites that require login portals, third-party integrations or any kind of custom development usually fall in this range. You will usually find a significant price difference when being quoted for a high-budget website, so make sure you know that your requirements are understood and you trust the developer before proceeding.

And that’s it!

Everything you need to know to understand the basics about website development. It can’t be stressed enough that every set of website requirements are different, so take any of the guidelines here as just that; a guideline. If you think that Synergy 8 can help you take some weight off your shoulders and turn your website into an online marketing powerhouse, give us a call on 1300 787 970 and we can discuss your requirements.