Adding A New Slider

Adding a new slider to your homepage is a super simple process, but each website will be different in the size required for each image so make sure you take this into account when adding in a new slider.

Just follow these simple steps to add in a new slider image, title and description to your homepage:

  1. Open up the 'Posts' section in your website's backend and click 'New Post'
  2. Type in the Post Title. This will be the large text on your slider.
  3. Click the Primary Category dropdown and select the "Slider" category.
    1. (NOTE: Your slider category may be called something different depending on who built your website. If you have any trouble, contact Synergy 8)
  4. Click on 'Upload From Computer' and select the image that you would like to appear in the slider.
    1. (NOTE: All websites are different! Please consult your web designer to make sure your image is the correct size and dimensions.)
  5. Enter the 'Short Description' for the slider. This will appear in the slider as smaller text if applicable to your design.

Linking Your Slider

You can link up your slider to just about anything, whether that be a unique page with more information, an already existing page/product or an external website.

  • If you would like your slider to link to new page that contains more information, select 'Create a New Page'. You will be able to change the page URL and create the page from this screen
  • If you want your slider to link to an already exisiting page or product, select 'Link to Existing Page'. You will be able to select which page you would like to link to from your sitemap
  • If you would like your slider to link to an external website, select 'Link to External URL'. You will be able to paste or type in the desired URL that you'd like the slider to link to here
  • If you don't want the slider to link to anything, simply select 'No Link'