Change a Page Title and Address

This tutorial will show you how to rename an existing page on your website.

The Page Title

Most Synergy 8 website designs use page titles to display navigation items. This gives you control over your website navigation, allowing you to simply change a page title rather than requiring a web designer to change your navigation items in the design.

Rather than coding in the navigation items "Home, About Us, Services" etc, normally the code for your website design will specify "Populate the navigation with pages, displayed as page titles, and hide pages that are invisible or set to be hidden in navigation".

Changing a Page Title

To change the title of a page on your website take the following steps:

  1. Login to your website dashboard.
  2. Click the "Pages" link in the left-hand sidebar, located under the "Website" heading.
  3. Click the page you would like to edit.
  4. At the top of the page editor, there is a field called "Title", this is where the page title is set.
  5. After changing the page title, click "Save Page" to apply your changes. 

Change a website page title

The Page Address / ID

After changing a page title, it's often a good idea to rename (or move) the page so it has a page address and ID which matches the new title. As an example, if you wanted to change the "Staff" page on your website to "Our Team", it would be a good idea to change both the page title and page address.

It's not good practice to have a page titled "Our Team", which is located at It would make more sense to rename / move the page to

It's good practice to use sensible website page addresses. A good page address will help to keep your sitemap sorted and help with your website search engine ranking.

Changing a Page Address/ Renaming a Page

  1. Login to your website dashboard.
  2. Click the "Pages" link in the left-hand sidebar, located under the "Website" heading.
  3. Move your mouse to the right of the page you would like to rename, and click to reveal a drop-down menu.
  4. Select the option "Rename / Move" in the drop-down menu.
  5. Select the new location of the page, and type in the new page address you would like to use (see the below example).

An Example:
You would like to move your "Staff" page so that it's located under your "About Us" page, and has the page address "Our Team". Take the above steps, when selecting the new location the following fields would be used:

After Moving a Page

After you move or rename a page on your website, Synergy 8 will automatically move the attached media of that page to the new page location for you. A page redirector will also be setup automatically, so that if users go to the old page address, they will be redirected to the new location.