Remove a Page From Navigation

Navigation on a Synergy 8 powered website is typically generated dynamically. This means that when you create, modify, or remove a page, the website navigation is automatically updated to reflect the changes.

To remove a page from the dynamically generated website navigation, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to the "pages' menu item in the website dashboard (located on the left-hand menu, below the Website heading).
  2. Find the page to be removed from navigation and click to edit the page.
  3. Along the top editor bar, click the tab labelled "Attributes and Security".
  4. Tick the option "Hidden in Navigation" to hide the page from appearing in dynamically generated navigation menus.
  5. Save the page

If you have taken the above steps and the page is still appearing in the navigation, the navigation item may be hard-coded into the design. In this case you'll need to talk to your designer about removing it.