Creating and Modifying Hyperlinks

How to link text and other elements to pages, external addresses and downloadable files

This article will offer an in-depth tutorial on how to link page elements to other pages on your website, external addresses and downloadable files. This article also explains how hyperlink targeting works, allowing you to open hyperlinks in new windows.

To get started, open the Synergy 8 page editor by editing an existing page, or create a new page. If you don't know how to create or edit a page yet, please refer to the Create a new page tutorial.

Once on the page editor screen, select the text or image which will act as a hyperlink. Click the link tool, which is located in the top edit bar and shown in the image to the right.

Clicking the link tool will display a dialog box which will allow you to create a new hyperlink. The following following options are available:

Link to an External Website Address

If you would like to create a hyperlink to an external website, simply type the web address you would like to link to in the URL field of the link dialog box and click ok.

Link to Another Page on your Website

To create a hyperlink to a page on your website, select the page you would like to link to in the "Link to page" field and click ok.

Modify or Remove an Existing Hyperlink

To modifying an existing link, select the hyperlinked text or image, open the link tool and alter the hyperlink details.

If you would like to remove a hyperlink select the "Unlink" tool, which is located underneath the link tool. If you can't click the unlink tool it means you have not selected the existing hyperlink text / image properly.

Link Targets

Hyperlinks can have different targets. The hyperlink target informs the browser whether it should simply open the link, or open the link in a new tab or window. To change a hyperlink target, select the hyperlink and open the link dialog box by selecting the link tool from the top page editor menu. Once the link dialog box has opened, select the Target tab. This will present a dropdown menu, allowing you to select where the hyperlink will open in the browser. Click the ok button to make the change.

Checking your Hyperlinks

After creating or editing hyperlinks you can check that all hyperlinks on the website are working correctly by navigating to the admin screen, selecting the pages panel from the left sidebar and locating the "Check Links" button towards the top of the page.