Change Page Ordering

Where possible, navigation menus in Synergy 8 are coded "dynamically". This means that website navigation menus reflect the sitemap structure, allowing you to control what navigation items are called and specify their order.

To change the order that pages appear in your dynamic website navigation, follow these steps:

  1. In the admin console, navigate to "Website" > "Pages".
  2. Locate the page which is to have its ordering changed. Click the page to open the page editor. 
  3. Along the top editor bar, click the tab labelled "Attributes and Security".
  4. Alter the "Sort Order" property. Keep in mind that when two pages have the same sort order value, the system will sort the pages alphabetically. By default, all pages have a sort order set to zero.
  5. Save the page to confirm your changes.

If you have taken the above steps and the page ordering does not change, the navigation item may be hard-coded into the design. In this case you'll need to talk to your web designer about changing your page ordering.