Create a New Page
This tutorial will walk you through creating and configuring a new page on your website.

Renaming or Moving a Page
This tutorial will show you how to rename both the page title and page address of an existing page on your website.

Video: Basic Content Editing
This article explains how to get started editing page content on your website, using the Synergy 8 WYSIWYG editor.

Creating and Modifying Hyperlinks
An in depth tutorial on how to link to other pages on your website, external addresses and downloadable files. This article also explains how hyperlink targetting works, allowing you to open hyperlinks in new windows.

Change Page Ordering
Want to change the page order of your website navigation? No problem, this article will explain how to change the order of pages without any coding knowledge.

Remove a Page From Navigation
Want to remove a page from your website navigation? Synergy 8 website navigation is usually automatically populated, which means sometimes you will need toset a page to be "hidden in navigation". This article will explain how to remove a page from appeari

SEO Guide
This article will show you how to configure your Synergy 8 powered website to rank better in search engines.

Restricting Pages
This tutorial will show you how to restrict certain pages to contacts based on their membership status or group.