Embedding A Vimeo Video

Vimeo has a feature for generating a video embed code. 'Embed code' is a small snippet of code that can be pasted onto your site to link to interactive content from an external site. Firstly go to vimeo.com and search for the video you want featured on your page. Once you have found the video, hover over the video and click the share button.

A popup window will appear, copy the embed code from that popup window.

Embedding the Video

Follow these steps to place Video embed code on a page of your website:

  1. Navigate to the Pages screen in the dashboard and locate the page where the video will be embedded, click the page to open the page editor.
  2. Place your cursor at the location where the video will be embedded.
  3. Click the <> Insert Embed code button (pictured below) located in the "Insert" section of the editor toolbar.
  4. Paste the embed code into the popup window and press the "OK" button.