Introduction To Automation

Automation is one of the most powerful aspects of Synergy 8, but it can be a little daunting at first glance. This article will hopefully help to give you some ideas about how you can take advantage of Synergy 8's automation engine to make your day-to-day easier, quicker and more efficient.

What Is Automation?

Automation is when you get a string of processes that usually take time out of your day and make Synergy 8 automatically do them for you. Synergy 8's automation engine is incredibly diverse and the possibilities are almost infinite so long as the processess all remain inside Synergy 8's modules.

Popular uses of automation are:

  • Sending emails to people who have abandoned their shopping carts
  • Sending email chains over a period of time
  • Welcome emails to new contacts
  • Sending chase-up emails for unpaid invoices
  • Adding people to certain groups after they do something specific (eg. Fill out a form, purchase a product or amount of products etc.)
  • Sending Autoresponder emails when someone joins a group

How Do I Enable Automation?

Synergy 8 has all the tools you need to start taking advantage of automation, provided you have the Communication package in your current plan. As most automations include some kind of email sends, the Automation tool is included with the Communications package. If you'd like to upgrade, please contact us.

How Do I Start?

It is suggested that you write out a thorough plan for your goals and workflows before setting up your automations. Automation can sometimes be tricky, especially if the automation chains are quite long, so it is always best to write out a thorough plan and have it sitting in front of you before you begin.

Things to note when setting up automation:

  • What is the "Trigger"? The "Trigger" is what starts the automation. A trigger can be anything from a new contact registering, a user being added to a group, a certain product being purchased or when a form is submitted
  • What is the goal of the automation? It seems simple, but it is always good to know what goals you want to achieve with your automation. Is it to save you time doing otherwise mundane tasks? Is it to constantly engage with your customers without your constant input? Keep your goals in mind so you don't get off track!
  • When is it enough? Automation is amazing, but you have to make sure it is the right solution for your goal. Some things require a personal touch, so just make sure you are automating the mundane without missing out on the important stuff!

So, now you know what automation is, let's get started by making your first one!

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