Creating An Automation Chain

To create an automation chain, you will need to have a thorough plan of each of the workflow steps so you know exactly what you need to achieve with each step.

2 important automation steps will need to be covered before you can set up a successful automation chain, "Test Conditions" and "Wait..."

  • "Test Conditions" - This is used to check with Synergy 8 if a certain condition is true before it will action the next step in the automation chain. For example, you can run a Test Condition to check whether a user has bought anything from your store. If they have purchased something, the automation will proceed to the next step. If they haven't, the automation won't continue.
  • "Wait..." - This is used when you want the automation to wait for a certain amount of time before proceeding. This is best used to spread out email sends over a few days or check for how a customer responds to your marketing.

Automation Chain Example

Each automation chain will be different depending on what you would like to achieve, but the basic layout is below:

  1. Under 'Automation', click 'New Automation'
  2. Give your Automation a Title so you know what it does
  3. Select the relevant Trigger
  4. Under 'Workflow' > 'Step 1', select the first step to your automation
  5. In 'Step 2' select "Wait..." and add in the wait time
  6. In 'Step 3' select the second step of your automation
  7. In 'Step 4' select "Test Conditions" and test to see if the customer has re-visted the website
  8. Click the 'Enable this Automation' tickbox
  9. Click 'Save Automation'

Once you have tested the process and it is all working correctly, to make the automation live you just have to change the toggle from 'Test Mode' to 'Live Mode' and click 'Save Automation'