Synergy 8 Walkthrough

Video Fast Forward Points

> The Dashboard
> The Content Management System
> Community & Marketing Features
> eCommerce Features
> Analytics & Integrations

The Dashboard

After logging in, you are presented with an intuitive dashboard. Certain benchmarks are shown on the timeline, for example, if you did an email marketing campaign, you might see a spike in traffic on your website. And below, you can see customer activity, such who has recently visited the site, who’s filled in forms and purchased products.

On the left hand side is the menu with categories of: Content, Community, Commerce, Control and Configuration.

The Content Management System

“Content” is the section of the admin panel where you can manage the content on your website. Some people may refer to this as the “CMS” part of the system.

The design or theme of your site can be configured here to look and feel exactly how you or your designer want it to. There are no restrictions.

"Pages" allows you to edit the content on your website. One of the strengths of Synergy 8 is the editing environment is completely ‘what you see is what you get‘ – that is, when editing – you are working with how it looks on the live site - a feature lacking in competitor platforms. This saves time and makes it incredibly simple to use. Formatting is controlled in a similar way to word processing software via the toolbar at the top. You can also upload multimedia through the "Attached Media" section and simply drag and drop them into your content. Optimised thumbnails are generated so you don't have to worry about saving compressed versions for the web.

Web developers can click on the "Source" button on the bottom left and access a fully syntax highlighted editor with high end features like auto complete, whitespace preservation and more. Developers have full access to our API for advanced interaction with the system.

In the Attributes and Security tab, you can lock down pages to be secure to a specific group of members . This allows you to create areas such as a "Staff Only Intranet" or a "Members Only" area for premium content.

Synergy 8 is also Search Engine Optimised by default. You can also manipulate behind-the-scenes ‘meta data’ which Google will read to get ranked higher.

If at any stage, you make a mistake or are unhappy with your editing, you have an option to roll back to a previous version logged by the software.

Also within the content management section, is an area called "Posts". This allows you to setup a blog or news area on your site.

Community & Marketing Features

The Community area allows you to build and manage a customer database. You can group or segment this for powerful email marketing features of the software. When you open an individual, you can view all of their activities. From when they were initially introduced to the site, to subscribing to the newsletter, through to purchasing a product. So you can see all the steps from referral to conversion.

Creating an email marketing campaign is simple with an editor similar to the website editor. Personalisation features allow you to perform a ‘mail merge’ by addressing the email to the name of the recipients. Before sending your email, you can also perform a ‘pre-send spam analysis’ which will assess your email as to its likelihood to be considered as spam. This ensures its delivery to your database. You then have options to send to test recipients, groups, filter by fields and schedule the campaign to send at a later time and date.

As those emails are received, opened and read, you can see statistical reports on data such as bounces, and unsubscribes with reasons for opting out. The most important statistic though is click statistics. These appear graphically with a visual overlay above each link. You can then drill down to see who has clicked on your ‘call to action’ links and follow up with offline contact.

eCommerce Features

Your online store can be easily built and managed through the “Commerce” features of Synergy 8. You can view and modify your online catalogue and track sales made through the commerce engine with readily available payment and shipping information at your fingertips. You are also able to apply discounts to products with restrictions such as discount codes and filtered groups.

If you partner with other businesses, you can create affiliate deals – where you may give your affiliate a commission on any visit, registration or sale made on your site.

Analytics and Other Integrations

Analytics under the “Control” area shows data from your website including page views and new versus returning visitors.

Synergy 8 backs up your website automatically, but for peace of mind, you can also perform a manual back up to export all of your data.

To make managing all aspects of your business as easy as possible, Synergy 8 integrates with systems such as the cloud based Xero to push invoices straight into your accounting software.

Synergy 8 also allows you to park multiple domains to your website and manage email accounts associated with those domains. Full client setup instructions are included.

So there you have it. A complete website management system based in the cloud, that’s easy to use and will to take your online presence to the next level.

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