Enabling The AccountRight Live Integration

How to enable the integration between Synergy 8 and MYOB AccountRight Live

The MYOB AccountRight Live integration will allow you to keep contacts updated seamlessly between your website and AccountRight, send e-mail marketing campaigns based on information stored in AccountRight and synchronise sales invoices.

Before Starting

Your website will need to include the complete functionality of Synergy 8. An easy way to determine your plan is to look for the "Commerce" and "Marketing" options on the sidebar of the dashboard. If both options are included in your dashboard you are on the complete plan.

Your website plan can be easily updated by contacting us.

Perform a Backup of Your Company File

To perform a backup of your company file, click the File > Backup option from within MYOB AccountRight Live.

To Enable The Integration

Log in to your website dashboard and select the "Integrations" link in the left-hand menu (under the "Control" heading). Click the "Enable Integration" button in the MYOB AccountRight Live integration box. A popup dialog will will redirect you to allow Synergy 8 to access AccountRight Live.  Select the appropriate company file.