Advanced Configuration

Documented here are advanced settings that will enable you to fine-tune your integration with MYOB AccountRight.

Specifying An Income Account

In AccountRight, all Inventory Items require an Income Account, which tracks money earnt by selling them.  The minimum requirement is that you specify an Income Account that will apply to all the Products in your Synergy 8 database.

If you wish to track income from sales in a more granular manner, then you may specify an Income Account for specific Products and Product Categories, using their edit pages.

Here the edit page form is telling us that if we don't specify an Income Account, then a product directly within this Category will be synced to AccountRight with its Income Account set to '4-1000', which has been configured on the integration configuration page.
Selecting 'Use Other...' allows you to choose a different Income Account.

Income Account Priority

It's possible to specify an Income account in many different places, however it is simple to work out where a Product will get its Income account from (shown in order of priority):

  1. Directly on the product, if specified.
  2. From one of the parent Categories to which the Product belongs, if specified (nearest ancestors first, for Products belonging in a hierarchy of Categories).
  3. Or finally, from the integration configuration page.
  • To find out for sure which Income account a Product is going to be synced with, view the product edit page:

    This Product is getting its Income account from the 'Courses' Category.
    Make use of Category income accounts to reduce the number of individual products you have to edit.