Inviting Members To An Event

Once you have created and configured your event, invite members to attend.

Screen shot of the action buttons on the admin page for an event, with the 'invite members' button highlighted.

Once you have created an event, make sure in the 'RSVP Options' the event is 'Invitation Only'.
Click the Invite Members button to present a dialog box that will allow you to specify a condition on which to invite members:

Screen shot of the dialog box for inviting members to an event, with a condition that filters members based on what group they belong to.

If no condition is specified, then all the members in your database will be added to the event with an attendance status of 'not attending'. The Events system will not contact members unless you specifically choose to send an email to them, so don't worry if you invite the wrong members by mistake as you may delete them from the event.

  • The Member Invite feature uses a powerful conditions form that allows you to specify members based on many different aspects of the Synergy 8 system.
  • The form need not be too complex; for example you may select members that have a specific post code, or who belong to specific groups.
  • Note: An Automation may be configured that reacts to Members being invited to Events, so be careful when adding members if any Automations have been set up on your system.

Inviting Individual Members

Any specific Member in your database may be added to your event with the Attendance Status you choose. Specify the invitation and RSVP dates if you consider them important, otherwise you can just leave them as they are.

Screen shot of the 'Add Attendee' dialog box that allows the user to type the name of the member they wish to invite to the event.

Note: adding a member to an Event with an Attendance Status will not include them in any email-marketing campaigns automatically. If you are inviting a member to RSVP, then you may have to notify them manually.