Charging Members For Event Attendance

Require invited Members to purchase a product to gain entry to an Event

When configuring pricing for an event, if the Create New Product radio button is selected, when you submit the form a new product will be created in your Products database.

Screen shot of the 'Pricing' section on an event edit form with 'Create New Product' selected

When Create New Product is selected, the details you enter into the Price, Brand and Category fields will be used to create a new Product entity in your database. Additionally, if the Guest Pricing is selected to be Different, then an Additional Attribute will be added to the new product, specifying the guest price as an ordering option.

The Product will be created when you click Save Event. If you reload the Event configuration page or visit again, the Pricing section will look like the following:

Screen shot of the 'Pricing' section on an event edit form with 'Find / Edit Existing' selected

The next time you visit the Pricing section, Find / Edit Existing will be selected, because the last time you submitted the form you created a new product and now you're referring to that existing product.
As suggested by the [change] link, the product that is linked to the Event may be changed easily, and Members will be required to purchase that product instead. You may want to consider removing Products that you have created but no longer use, as they will appear in the Products database.