Creating Events

After installing the Events Mangement AddOn component, get started with events management by entering an event into the system.

Click the New Event button to start entering details for your event. You will be presented with a blank Event page. The minimum required information for a new Event is a name.

Screen shot of the events screen header showing the title and two buttons; 'new event' and 'calendar'
  • Fill out the Event Title field on the form.
  • Click the Save Event button.

If the Event was successfully created you will be taken to the main administration page for your event.

Screen shot of the title and buttons at the top of the main page for an event

A More Complex Event Example

We can change any of our event details after we have created it by clicking on the Edit Event button:

Screen shot of the 'Event Title' field on the 'New Event' form

This takes us back to the same page we used to create the event, except the title field has our event title in it. Lets create an event for a more realistic scenario:

  • A networking event for people looking to make contacts in the IT industry.
  • Scheduled to be held from 6:00pm to 9:00pm on the 30th of August, at the Brisbane Convention Center.
  • For catering purposes, members are required to RSVP by the 28th of August. The venue has a maximum capacity of 200.
  • Any specific dietary requirements are to be specified by attendees on the RSVP form.
  • Cost of entry is $15, and invited members are encouraged to bring up to two guests at a price of $10 per guest.
  • Invited members may nominate someone to attend in their place if they cannot attend.
Screen shot of the filled-out IT Networking Event form

Notice that Dietary Requirements is selected in the Custom Fields section. This is a custom field created by clicking on the small Add New link. Custom fields can be created for almost any type of data input required.

Notes On Event Details

There are a few things to watch out for when administering events:

  • The start date for an event must be before or equal to the end date.
  • The RSVP date can be any date. A date far in the future will allow people to RSVP after the event has closed, and a date before the current date will prevent any invited members from RSVPing at all.
  • For a more detailed explanation of Event pricing, refer to the KB article