Integrations & Add Ons

Events Management

Creating Events
Getting started by creating a new event.

Charging Members For Event Attendance
How to setup events that require the purchase of a product in order to attend.

Advertise Events on Your Website

Inviting Members To An Event
Guide for inviting members to an event you have created in Synergy 8.

Myob Accountright Live

Enabling the AccountRight Live Integration
How to enable the integration between Synergy 8 and MYOB AccountRight Live

Advanced Configuration

Recurring Sales

Enabling The Recurring Sales Add On
To enable the add-on go to Dashboard > Settings > Apps. The Recurring Sales add-on will be listed under Available Applications.

Recurring Billing Add-on Pricing
How much does it cost to use the Synergy 8 Recurring Sales Add-on?


How It Works
Describes how and when the integration will sync Synergy 8 with Xero.

Enabling the Xero Integration
How to enable the Xero integration on your Synergy 8 powered website. Xero is easy to use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses.