Communication Subscription Preferences

In Synergy 8, there are the overarching subscription status of "Pending", "Subscribed" and "Unsubscribed".   If you want to extend this to allow users to have "Subscription Preferences", you can. 

The result is that in the unsubscription form, you get the new option "Change the Communication I receive" with preferences as pictured below:

Create and Configure Groups

Your groups might look like the below example:

Click on the groups that you would like to have configurable subscription preferences.
Turn on the options: "Joinable by Contacts" and "Allow Group Communication Unsubscription".

Save and examine your "Unsubscribe Form".  This can be viewed at: []/community/email/unsubscribe/

Management & Administration

When viewing your Group's contacts, you will notice a new column now appears called "Unsubscribed from Group".  Right clicking on this option in the rows allows you to change the subscription status.

The "General Communication" Preference

In addition to your groups showing in the list on the unsubscribe form, you will also notice another option called "General Communication".  When your customers opt out of this group, they will only receive communication sent specifically to groups they are joined to.