Setting Up Google E-mail Accounts

Setup your Gmail account for use with Synergy 8

This article is relevant if you would prefer to use Gmail rather than host your e-mail accounts with Synergy 8.

Setting up your Google Email Accounts With Synergy 8

Before changing your name server records to Synergy 8 you need to setup your MX records so your emails will continue working.

To do this, open up the domain inside Synergy 8’s Configuration > Domains menu. Open up the MX Record editor by clicking the link displayed  below.

You will then click “Host emails elsewhere” and fill in the table with the details below:















How to point your domain to Synergy 8

Did you know Synergy 8 is a domain registrar? If you haven’t already registered your domain, you can do it directly through Synergy 8, or transfer your existing domain name registration.

To point your domain name to Synergy 8 you will first need access to your "Domain Registrar" account. You should have been sent these details when you registered your domain name. Popular domain registrars include Synergy 8, GoDaddy, Netregistry, Melbourne IT and Crazy Domains.

Once you have logged into your account, you should be able to open up the domain name and change the Name Server (NS) Records over to Synergy 8. Here are the Synergy 8 name server details:


After doing this, it will take between 2 and 24 hours for the site to go live.

Once you save the domain details, your Synergy 8 hosted website should correctly point to your Gmail hosted emails.

Run a test by sending an e-mails to your personal accounts and test if they come through.