Registering A New Domain Name

This article will walk you through how to register a new domain name

This process will make you the owner of the new domain name, giving you control over where e-mail and website hosting is situated. If you register your domain name with Synergy 8, we will be your "Domain Name Registrar", which means you'll also renew your domain names with us (rather than a third party provider). 

The steps for registering a new domain name change depending on whether you're a new or existing customer. You can regiser multiple domain names for seperate businesses under the same login details / account.

Existing Domain Name Customers

If you have previously registered or renewed a domain name through Synergy 8 Domain Name Management, you're an existing customer.

To get started, Navigate to Synergy 8 Domain Name Management:

You can login with your "Account Reference" and Password. Your Synergy 8 dashboard account and domain registration accounts use seperate login details. If you've forgotten your login details, select the Forgot password link.

After logging in, select the "Click here to register new domain name" button towards the bottom of the page to search and purchase your new domain name. 

New Customers

To get started, Navigate to Synergy 8 Domain Name Management:

New customers can select the "Register a New Domain" button located towards the bottom of the page.

You will be taken through a process of defining and searching your new domain name, followed by a payment and account creation process. 

After Purchasing

After you've purchased your new domain name, we point the domain at Synergy 8 for you. Please allow between 24-48 hours for the domain name to resolve properly. If you have issues with the registration process, please submit a support ticket.