Make Your Website Go Live

The following instructions will allow you to make your new website live. If you have any difficulties, you can request assistance on the support page.

Are You Migrating Your E-mail Accounts To Our Servers?

Do you want to keep your existing e-mail server (such as Microsoft Exchange)? Or do you want to migrate your email accounts to our servers?

  • IF KEEP EXISTING: Contact us to setup your MX records for the domain.
  • IF MIGRATING: You will need to create all of the email accounts on the : Configuration > E-mail Accounts page of the dashboard prior to going live.

Does your Existing E-mail or Network Provider Require Them To Host Your DNS?

+ IF NO:

Do you have any other services which run off subdomains of your domain such as:,, If so, contact us with details of these so we can add the DNS records.

After configuring your e-mail accounts, login to your domain registrar (the company that you registered your domain with), remove existing name servers and set the following name servers on the domain.


After doing this, it will take between 2 and 24 hours for the site to go live.


The less preferred option is to ask your existing e-mail or network provider to set the following DNS settings:

  • A record for your to:
  • A record for to:

Do you have any additional domains?

For any additional domain names, park them in “Configuration -> Domains” and repeat the steps you took above.