Creating A New Website Administrator

Website administrators on Synergy 8 are contacts who have the ability to log in to the back-end dashboard that is used to manage your website. Administrators can be given access to different areas and components of the website dashboard to ensure that important information is protected.

As an example scenario, a business has a web team with each team contact maintaining different areas of the website, such as a blog manager and product store manager.

A security role would be created for each different position type (eg. 'Product Store Manger'), and each team contact would be added as a new administrator.

Click here to read more about creating and configuring administrator security roles.

Creating An Administrator

  1. Login to the admin panel of your website and click the "Configuration" > "Administrators" link in the left sidebar;
  2. Click the "Invite Administrators" button at the top of the page;
  3. Enter the Email Address of the new administrator
  4. Give the administrator a role. Roles define the abilities of the administrators, roles are a way of assigning jobs to administrators like 'Blog Manager' and 'Store Manager'.
  5. Click "Create Administrator" to save the new administrator. They will be sent an email with instructions on how to register