Creating Your First Product

Now that you have created product categories and brands, you're ready to create your first product.

If you haven't created your product brands and categories yet these articles will assist you:

To get started, log in to the website dashboard and select the Products page, which appears under the Commerce heading in the left sidebar.

Click the "New Product" button on the top of the page to configure a new product. On the product configuration page you will have the following options:

  • Enter a product title and base price;
  • Select one or more product categories;
  • Choose a product brand;
  • Upload an image to catch your customers eye;
  • Specify whether the product will need to be shipped or not;
  • Enter the information that will be displayed when a user clicks on the product.

By clicking the "Additional Attributes" tab towards the top of the page, you can specify additional options about how the product will display, such as:

  • Sorting order on the page;
  • Whether or not the product is orderable online;
  • Whether the product can be ordered for someone else;
  • Require that a customer define an account with a login password when purchasing a product;
  • Minimum and maximum order numbers;
  • Purchase options (e.g. picking different colors, picking different sizes);

Once you have finished creating your product, click the "Save Product" button.