Advanced Discounts

After you're comfortable with creating and modifying basic discounts, it's worth reading more about the advanced features of the discount component of Synergy 8. You will be able to follow this tutorial with a new, or existing discount.

To get started, login to the website dashboard and select the "Discounts" option, which appears under the commerce heading in the left sidebar.

Edit an existing discount, or create a new discount to display the discount configuration page. Select the "Restrictions" tab option.

The "Restrictions" tab allows you to further restrict which contacts can access your discount. You can enter a coupon / discount code, create a contact filter to specify a set of rules for selecting contacts who receive the discount, set a limit on the number of uses and more.

Using Coupon Codes

When a user is in the checkout, they are presented with the option to enter a discount or coupon code. To use a coupon / discount code, simple enter your code into the "Require Customer to Enter Code" field.


Contact Filter

The contact filter feature allows you to target customers under specific set of rules specified by you. Initially, the contact filter will be empty. To enter your first condition:

  • Click the initial drop down menu, you will be presented with two options blank, or not;
  • Choose a filter for the discount to be come available, such as:
    • Cart: the contact currently has a product in their shopping cart. The filter can then be narrowed to specific products, product categories and brands.
    • Sales: contact's that have purchased a specific product. The filter can be narrowed by product, product categories and brand. Additionally filters can be put on payment status, amount spent and time of purchase.
    • Groups: Depending on there relationships with contacts and groups.
    • Member: Filters can be applied to stored contact information. e.g. Discounts can be offered to contacts who have a birthday in this month.
    • Analytics: A contact visiting a particular page. e.g. contacts that visit pages that have offers on them.

  • Upon adding your first filter, a second line of combo boxes will appear with an additional drop down box. The dropdown box will have the options of "and" and "or". Using "and" will require both filters to be true for the discount to apply. Using "or" means the discount will apply if one or the other is true.

Repeat the above steps for each filter you want to add to the discount.

Remaining Uses

The remaining uses feature allows you to set a limit to the number of times that a discount can be used. By setting the remaining uses to 40 and toggling the "Automatically delete the discount when limit is reached", the discount can be stopped/removed when it has reached its limit.

Requires Minimum Purchase Total

Requiring a minimum purchase total ensure's that a contacts balance cannot fall below $0.00.
To enable this feature, type a amount into the box like you can see below.

Valid Only Between Dates

The valid only between dates function allows you to set a start and end date for your discounts. The Enable this feature, enter a date and time into the boxes as seen below.


Enabled For

This feature allows you to specify whether the discount is enabled for public use, or only for administrator users.