Introduction to Products
Gain the knowledge you need to create, manage and maintain your own Synergy 8 powered e-commerce website.

Creating and Configuring Product Categories
This article will explain the process of creating a product category.

Creating and Configuring Product Brands
This article will outline the process of creating product brands on your Synergy 8 powered website.

Creating Your First Product
All your hard work has paid off. You're now ready to learn how to create your very first product on your Synergy 8 powered website.

Creating and Configuring Inventory Items
Make managing your product inventory a breeze, setup product inventories to keep product ordering and stock management easy


Creating Your First Manual Sale
Utilise Synergy 8 to track your sales! This guide will explain the process of manually entering sales into your Synergy 8 powered website.

Refunds and Adjustments
This tutorial will guide you through applying adjustments to invoices created in Synergy 8.


Creating Basic Discounts
This article will run you through the fundamentals of creating and editing your first discount.

Advanced Discounts
Further explaining the more advanced features of Synergy 8 discounts, this tutorial will teach you to add targeted filters, use start/expire dates and coupon codes.


Affiliates & Tracking Referrals
What are affiliates? This article will explain what affiliates are, and how to set them up on your Synergy 8 powered website.

Set Up And Pay Affiliate Commision
This article explains the process of setting up and paying affiliate commissions.