Image Gallery - From Attached Media

Use the attached media functionality of the page editor to generate a gallery.

There are two primary methods of implementing photo galleries using Synergy 8: using posts, or using attached media. This article will look at the how to implement a website gallery based on the images stored in page attached media.

Not sure whether to use posts or attached media? Read a comparison here.

How to Manage the Gallery

After implementing the image gallery, it can be maintained by uploading images to a folder in the attached media sidebar. Use the following steps to upload images to appear in the gallery:

  1. Edit the gallery page of your website, or the location where the gallery has been implemented. (Go to Dashboard > Content > Pages to view all your website pages).
  2. Open the "Attached Media" sidebar located on the right-hand side of the page.
  3. Create a new folder in attached media called images (must be all lower case letters and spelt correctly, you don't need to create this folder if it already exists).
  4. Once a new folder has been created, click the folder to enter it.
  5. Upload your images into this folder, ensure they are named appropriately. You can upload multiple files at once.
  6. There is no need to save the page, simply click the "View Online" button to view the image gallery and ensure your images are appearing correctly.

Implementing the Gallery

Copy and paste the following code into the page source of your gallery page: