Tough Toys - Expanded From Online To Brick And Mortar

Tough Toys is a retail business that sells quality, real world tested 4wd accessories and always sells them at mates rates. They offer some excellent 4wd techniques, 4wd tracks and camping advice to all of their 4x4 enthusiasts.

Tough Toys began as an online only store built with Synergy 8. Since the company’s creation in 2012, Tough Toys has expanded into their own storefront in Slacks Creek, Brisbane. They have started selling their own branded products through their store and have been growing their sales with each year.

“It’s a good system, it’s great to use.” says Steve McNaught, one of the company’s founders. “The user information is linked to the email marketing and website, so it’s easy to track everything.”

“We use the E-commerce system on a daily basis to process payments, track sales, manage inventory and organise shipping the products to the customers. Our whole process is tracked through Synergy 8 so it’s just really easy.”

“We basically run our entire business through Synergy 8.”

If you are looking for tips or gear to start your 4WD adventures, look no further than Tough Toys. You can visit their website here, or visit their store in Slacks Creek.