One Step Group - Offering A Unique Alternative

The One Step Group is an online development business that is all about helping people to create careers and lives that they love. They offer a support mechanism for organisations that provides information, inspiration, interviews and world first business boot camps, to businesses that don't have the time, budget or the resources that will stretch to everyone. The One Step Group supplies an alternative approach to equity, diversity and development so every business size can be catered for.

The One Step Group started their business with Synergy 8 and has been using the system since 2012. They were looking for a solid, reliable IT partner and an easy to manage platform on which to base their business. If they ran into any emergencies or anything that could detract from their client's experiences, they needed prompt attention as they didn't have an IT department of their own.

This is when they met Scott and were introduced to Synergy 8.

Sue-Ellen, one of the founders of the One Step Group, had this to say about her experience with Synergy 8:

"One thing we like is that even though, when the Synergy 8 team is overwhelmed with work, but we need an answer now, they are really responsive. They have helped us every step of the way. We knew if we learned and understood the system than we would be fine and they helped us to get to a point where we aren't coming back with questions all the time."

"We really, really love working with them."

"We travel overseas a lot and we test access everywhere we go. It works fine anywhere we have been and the system is just really easy."

If you think your business is up for a challenge to improve or you need any advice or support for your business, check out The One Step Group here.