Charm Health - Increased Time And Cost Effectiveness

Charm Health provides software for the support and management of oncology patients throughout their cancer journey. They have grown to be Australia's leading supplier of specialist oncology eHealth systems and their solutions are being used by leading public and private health providers all around the country.

Charm Health came to Synergy 8 after they felt that their current website was outdated and under-performing. Their previous website wasn't built on a Content Management System and they were experiencing time delays and increasing costs as they had to pay a third party every time they wanted to update any content. They felt that after spending a lot of time and money creating the branding behind their website, they shouldn't have to continue spending money every time they wanted to update a piece of content.

"Synergy 8 provides us with CMS that we can manage in-house", explained Margot Mason, Charm Health's Director of Client and Clinical Services. "We have seen time and cost efficiencies improve now that we can do it all in-house. It is all part of the product and we don't have to pay to get things done anymore, the website is always up to date."

"We met with a marketing company and put together a strategy for our website redevelopment and now we manage all of that through Synergy 8. It's great, logical and easy to use and the Customer Service team at Synergy 8 is professional, knowledgeable and extremely responsive. The after sales service is very impressive and I can't speak more highly of them!"

Margot went into detail about how the customer service team at Synergy 8 operates.

"We put together a case of what we needed to do and the team was very responsive. They performed a skill transfer rather than just doing what we asked and we learned how to do a lot of it ourselves. They were more than happy to do it for us and it was nice because we didn't feel like we were part of a money-making process."

"I would, and already have, recommended them to anyone who needs a great website and a great team."

If you'd like to learn a bit more about Charm Health's services, visit their website over at