Carina Florist - 8 Years With Synergy 8

If you are driving along Old Cleveland Road towards Carindale you will pass by Carina Florist, a delightful little florist that has been run by Nina Roebig for the last 8 and a half years. Nina has been a florist for her entire life and this is reflected by her knowledge and expertise when it comes to all things floral.

Nina's philosophy for running her small business is based around the enjoyment of getting to know and work with people, not just do "faceless" businesses. "For me, it is all about customer service and I love it when people come in to the shop and leave with a smile and a big bunch of flowers."

Due to its placement on a major road, Carina Florist never had a website until Nina took over, so the company was new to the website scene.

"Synergy 8 wasn't the first web company I dealt with." Nina explained, "I was contacted by a few overseas companies who wanted to build me a website, but I really wanted someone local I could work with. I wanted to put a face and a name to my website and work with a nice group of people."

"Once I met Scott and he showed me Synergy 8, I knew I'd like working with them."

Nina confessed that she isn't naturally tech oriented, but finds Synergy 8 really easy to use. "It's good, I don't often get stuck but when I do I shoot them through an e-mail with my problem and the solution comes back quickly and with a step by step guide. It's simple to pick up and the more you use it, the better you get at it."

Nina's website recently went through a re-design, which she found was a really simple process due to the way Synergy 8 separates pages, products and designs. The new design is performing well with an increased number of average page views, lower bounce rate and an increase in sales.

We helped Nina to initially create the website, but she was more than happy to take the reigns once she had the training.

"I can change the pages, add and remove products and run discounts. It's all really easy to manage. It's a simple product, anyone can use it."

"I've found that the after-sales support has always been lovely to deal with. The responses to my questions always come back within 24hrs and are always really helpful. I think the pricing is spot on because it includes all of the free support, so its good to know that someone is always there to answer my questions."