Synergy 8 + SimPRO

What is Synergy 8?

Software for managing your online business


Attract new business, rank higher in search engines, and look professional.


Capture and grow contacts and leads in one secure, central database.


Promote your business through e-mail, SMS, and social networking channels.


Sell products, services and donations with advanced e-commerce tools.

Benefits of Using Synergy 8 & SimPRO

Communicate with your SimPRO customers and track Website Leads.

Sync Contacts & Customers

Save time with intelligent, automated two-way contact synchronization. When you update contact details in either SimPRO or Synergy 8, the changes are reflected in both places.

E-mail & SMS SimPRO Customers

Quickly create and send e-mail and SMS marketing messages. After sending a message, view data about who opened, read and clicked links in the message to improve your marketing campaigns.

Create Leads from Web Forms

Forms that are filled out on your website can be configured to automatically create 'leads' inside simPRO. This reduces data entry time and ensures enquiries are followed up.

View a Complete Activity Feed

View a complete activity and conversion stream of your customers; including how a customer found your website, which pages they have viewed and their interactions with e-mail marketing campaigns.

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