Synergy 8 for web designers

Create fantastic designs using the powerful Synergy 8 templating system and intuitive source editor.

Designing and implementing a website on Synergy 8 is easy thanks to our templating system and source editor. Define dynamic content areas using Synergy 8 tags and edit HTML and CSS through the robust source editor.

Edit content in an intuitive, stable environment

Powerful, familiar templating language

Create and edit designs using HTML, CSS and our powerful tagging system. Create a web design using standard HTML and CSS, then simply insert Synergy 8 dynamic tags for navigation, defining content areas and implementing other dynamic website features. Your whitespace and code indenting is also preserved, with the editor pointing out errors in HTML and CSS code. With fantastic support for designers and developers, you'll always have the support you need to create fantastic websites with Synergy 8.

Edit content in an intuitive, stable environment

Earn on-going commision for your clients

Take advantage of our reseller program and earn an ongoing royalty from hosting and application provision for the lifetime of your clients. Now you can deliver powerful yet easy to use websites in less time, with less development costs and build an ongoing revenue stream. Click here to learn more about our reseller program.

Edit content in an intuitive, stable environment

Image size locking and automatic thumbnail generation

A feature all web designers will appreciate, images can be locked to a specific size to prevent content managers from using an alternate sized image. If you specify an image as smaller than it appears naturally, a resized thumbnail will automatically be generated.

Edit content in an intuitive, stable environment

Mobile and tablet compatibile

Optimise your design with a 'responsive design' to suit mobile devices. Synergy 8 can detect mobile devices and then deliver content tailored to the screen resolution of the device. Synergy 8 can serve a completely different design for mobile devices, allowing popout menus and other mobile-specific website features.

Edit content in an intuitive, stable environment

Say goodbye to annoying CMS updates

New updates and features are regularly pushed out to all Synergy 8 websites. We do all the testing and updating, saving you hours of time spent making your client's websites secure and up-to-date.