Synergy 8 + Simpro

Serious Job Management, Serious Marketing Tools

What is Synergy 8?

To be successful online you need your website, customer data and digital marketing tools to work together seamlessly.

That's what Synergy 8 is all about.

Synergy 8 is an all-in-one website platform that provides the features you need to run a professional websitecommunicate with your customers, and sell online

Sync Contacts & Customers

Save time with intelligent, automated two-way contact synchronization. When you update contact details in either SimPRO or Synergy 8, the changes are reflected in both places.

E-mail & SMS Customers

Quickly create and send e-mail and SMS marketing messages. After sending a message, view data about who opened, read and clicked links in the message to improve your marketing campaigns.

Create Leads From Forms

Forms that are filled out on your website can be configured to automatically create 'leads' inside simPRO. This reduces data entry time and ensures enquiries are followed up.

Understand Your Customers

View a complete activity and conversion stream of your customers; including how a customer found your website, which pages they have viewed and their interactions with e-mail marketing campaigns.

Case Study: Integration Kings

“We instantly understood the importance of having a platform where the different tools are integrated right out of the box.

We implemented it in our own business and immediately saw how much time we saved by having all of our marketing tools working together seamlessly in one place.”

- Rob King, Managing Director

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