Website CMS Features

Synergy 8 is a professional website and digital marketing platform for established small and medium businesses. Choose our secure, easy-to-use website platform that integrates seamlessly with marketing, contact and sales.

Key Website Features:

 Unlimited Pages

 Unlimited Posts / Blog Articles

 Unlimited Admin Users

 Secure Areas

 SEO Settings & Sitemap Generation

 Web Forms

 SSL Certificate

 Analytics Tools

 Fast, Secure Web Hosting

 Developer Source Access

 Two-factor Authentication

  New Features & Updates

A Better Web Editor

Synergy 8 features a custom page editor that translates your actions into well written, search engine friendly code.

Keeping your content fresh and up-to-date has never been easier. You'll have no problem making changes to your website.

Easily drag-and-drop media such as images, video, audio, documents or PDF files.

Create Content & Run a Succesful Blog

Our blogging engine makes it easy to publish new content, updates and articles.

The value of good content can't be understated. Improve your website search position and keep your clients engaged with a blog or news section.

After posting updates to your website, quickly share to social media and generate an e-mail newsletter from your content.

View Analytics

Detailed insights are only a click away. With Synergy 8 you'll have constant feedback on how your website and campaigns are performing.

Easily see how many visitors your site is getting, where they are coming from, how they are using your site, and everything else you might need to improve your strategy.

Analytics Tutorial

Search Engine Optimised

Synergy 8 websites are structured and designed with current SEO best practices in mind.

SEO Settings will allow you to nominate keywords and search terms you want to rank for. This means you can fine-tune  your SEO strategy yourself at any time.

SEO Tutorial

Built-in CRM

You'll be able to see a detailed activity feed that displays every 'digital-touch' you have with your customers. 

View all the contact details, web form submissions, interactions with e-mail marketing campaigns and sales in a single-customer-view.

Segment your database using groups or customer behaviour, and send highly targeted and relevant marketing messages. 

Leave The Rest To Us

We make sure your website stays secure, runs fast, and looks great across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Premium hosting is included on all plans, with 10GB of Bandwidth and 5GB of storage. Emails can be hosted at no extra cost, or you may opt to host with Gmail or Office 365. 

For additional bandwidth and storage higher usage plans are also available.


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